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Lipo Foam 3 Pack

Lipo Foam 3 Pack

Pretty In A Wink's lipo foams are a post lipo foam that protects your skin after undergoing surgery, like tummy tuck or lipo, avoiding damage and preventing liquid retention. Our lipo foams are the perfect complement to wear under your faja every day due to its adaptability, helping to speed healing and skin retraction after many cosmetic procedures. Using lipo foams reduces the possibility of seromas, fibrosis and minimize skin rolls while sculpting the body to be more contoured after surgery. *Our unique NEGRA (black) foams allow you to maintain discretion and dignity by hiding blood stains or drainage leaks during healing. Shape this foam after surgery as you want to use it in your abdomen, chin, arms, thighs or any area you need to heal.

Pretty In A Wink trae para ti esta fantástica espuma post lipo, el complemento ideal para ayudarte durante tu recuperación tras una lipo o abdominoplastia. Olvídate del dolor o inflamación gracias al material suave e hipoalergénico de nuestra espuma post quirurgica. Somos la única que vende las tablas negra para mantener discreto del sangre y salida de los drenajes. Usa esta tabla para lipo durante tu día a día para moldear tu silueta. Gracias a su flexibilidad, puedes recortarla y usarla en el abdomen, brazos, muslos o mentón.

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