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Tamarind & SA Exfoliant

Tamarind & SA Exfoliant

Tamarind is a delicious fruit found in many Caribbean islands that is also great for helping pigmentation in skin, brightening skin and has many antiseptic properties. Salicylic Acid is a BHA (Beta Hydroxy Acid) derived from willow bark. It is commonly used to exfoliate the

skin, to clear up pores, and to help

tackle acne. In fact, we are willing to

bet that if you have oily skin or have

dealt with acne at some point of time

in your life, you have probably used a

product containing salicylic acid to

remedy the situation. Our Tamarind & SA Exfoliant will instantly brighten your skin and kill acne-causing bacteria! You can actually feel it tingle while it’s working and the best part of it all is it continues working even after you’re done using it!

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